About Us

Welcome to the world of dazzling craftsmanship and exquisite beauty. Our jewelry transcends time, a profound symbol of affection and gratitude, sure to illuminate the hearts of your loved ones. Explore the world of brilliance and grace at ROYAL STAR Jewelers, where we convert your imagination into stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces. Additionally, we specialize in rejuvenating old jewelry, transforming forgotten treasures into fresh, vibrant statements. Join us in reimagining memories and uncovering the ideal blend of elegance and sophistication.

Our Aim

Our main Aim and pride is manufacturing the complete 18k diamond jewellery in our workshop based in UAE. Each diamond is assorted and handpicked by our expert team and jewellery designer work on creating exclusive one-of-a-kind jewellery which can be treasured for generations to come. It would guarantee that your collection exudes great brilliance.

Meet our CEO

Gaurav Uddeshi

Meet Gaurav Udeshi, the visionary CEO behind ROYAL STAR JEWELLERY. With a deep passion for the world of gemstones and jewelry, Gaurav's journey in the industry has been nothing short of remarkable. He brings to the helm of the company a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a GIA certified Gemologist, ensuring that every piece created at ROYAL STAR is a true masterpiece.

Gaurav's mission is to share this beauty with the world, bringing an extra touch of glamour to every occasion and ensuring that every piece from ROYAL STAR effortlessly completes your look while making you feel truly fabulous.

Elevating Elegance

At ROYALSTAR JEWELLERY, our mission is to elevate elegance by crafting timeless pieces that resonate with love, devotion, and beauty. Each jewel we create is a testament to our commitment to sharing the allure of fine materials and exceptional craftsmanship with the world. We aim to bring an extra touch of glamour to every occasion, ensuring that our 18k gold, diamond, and precious stone pieces effortlessly complete your look and make you feel truly fabulous.

The Golden Legacy

Our story is one of passion for crafting exquisite jewelry. We take pride in our use of 18 carat gold as the foundation of our designs, a symbol of enduring beauty and craftsmanship. With each piece, we weave a tale of love, devotion, and elegance, bringing timeless allure to every creation. Our commitment to premium quality and exceptional materials is the cornerstone of our brand, ensuring that every piece is a true masterpiece.

Radiance Refined

At ROYALSTAR JEWELLERY, our vision is to unveil the enchanting allure of Gold 18k to the world. We believe in creating pieces that transcend time, telling stories of love, devotion, and beauty. Our goal is to be the epitome of excellence, meticulously selecting the finest materials to craft exquisite jewelry that stands the test of time. Gold 18k, with its perfect blend of durability and luxurious allure, is at the heart of our vision, making us the ideal choice for those seeking radiance refined in every piece we create.


Our Team

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Having a varied experience and working in different industry globally, Kirtana is passionate and energetic team player for  marketing strategies based on customer insights. Her business objective is getting the creative approach to help the growth and  close deal with clients for B2B and B2C leads.  

Kirtana is responsible for handling Operations and production of jewellery manufacturing including QC check is performed under supervision. Branding and Identity development (inculding Photography & film-making).

Mark Jance


Mark Jance

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